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In that case, you've come to the right place.
"San Bernardino 1963" Ltd. has Registration (License) No. 331 dated 26.05.2020, issued by the Executive Agency "Employment Agency" of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria for the exercise of activity as an "Temporary Employment Company".


Our employees, who we will hire and send for rentout to your company to perform a certain job or a Job for a certain time, are checked on the basis of their CV, after which we select the candidates according to specific experience and above all on the basis of the Employee Profile and the job description for the relevant position, which you have provided us. Applicants' actual abilities are ascertained at a job application interview.


Hiring employees from Temporary Employment Company is primarily an opportunity to dynamically respond to changing staffing needs. In industries characterized by the seasonal nature of employment, staffing allows the rapid hiring of temporary workers during periods of increased production and the smooth reduction of employment during periods of decline, thus reducing the cost and risk of hiring and firing full-time workers time.


The rental price you pay includes:
1. The worker's salary;
2. All social security contributions, insurances and taxes;
3. All costs and procedures for issuing visas and work permits in the Republic of Bulgaria or abroad to the worker;
4. All expenses inherent in the administration of the employee's work - Accounting, Contracts, sick leave, vacations, etc.
5. All expenses related to the household arrangement of the worker - Accommodation, food, etc.;
6. All expenses related to transfers of the worker from the country of permanent residence and the Republic of Bulgaria and vice versa;
7. All Unforeseen expenses related to the hired employees that may appear in the process of performing the labor activity for which they are hired.


We have been cooperating with various clients - Companies and Agencies for many years and can effectively and quickly recruit employees for almost any sector of the economy, whether you need 10, 50 or maybe 250 employees?
We have partners from many countries, which ensures that we are always able to offer a customized solution to your staffing problems. We are used to meeting the needs of flexible labor for our contractors. Whether it is a short-term or a long-term plan and a few or large amounts of labor, "San Bernardino 1963" Ltd. is always able to react quickly.

Through the cooperation with the subsidiary recruiting company "Agency Without Borders Job Zone" Ltd., we can offer even more flexible personnel from various industries.

IN SHORT: If you need manpower, contact us and we will provide you with a suitable solution.

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