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Cultural Exchange Program - Agency without borders

Cultural Exchange Program


J-1 AuPair USA 2022

Cultural exchange program J1 AuPair in USA


If you are between 18 and 26 years, you can participate and earn over $10 000 per year sponsored from The U.S. State Department's J-1 Au Pair Cultural Exchange Program in the United States.

What is AU PAIR?

A young man or girl who travels to another country to live as a family member and provides assistance in light household chores and quality care for the children in that family. "Au Pair" means "ON PAR" or "EQUAL" French, which is exactly what you will be - An equal member of your host family.

PROS to be in AU PAIR

  1. Affordable and safe travel;
  2. International work experience;
  3.  Discovering new country and culture;
  4.  Improve your language skills ;
  5.  Find friends from another countries;
  6. You will become mature and independent;
  7. You will have experience in raising and educating children;
  8.  Live in another country.


  1. Free air ticket to the US and back, provided after successful completion of the program;
  2.  Air ticket and organize your trip to the host family;
  3. You will live in America with a verified American household family for up to two years on a J-1 Au Pair visa.
  4. Accommodation in a carefully researched American host family;
  5. USD 500 for school hours at an American college or university;
  6.  A scholarship paid by your foster family plus room and full board;
  7. Full coverage of travel and accident insurance during the program.


As a participant in the J1 AuPair in USA Cultural Exchange Program, you are expected to perform a combination of childcare and light domestic duties during the duration of your participation. In exchange for free accommodation, meals and weekly pay, you will provide between 20 and 45 hours per week of childcare and light household duties.
No day will be the same! That's the great thing about looking after children and living in an amazing country with so many opportunities to travel and explore! You are not responsible for homework outside of clearing the children's space and that for common use by family members. Your work may include:

  1. Childs wake up;
  2. Taking the children to and from school;
  3. Help with their homework for school;
  4. Playing with children;
  5. Walking with the children in parks, playing with other children and various activities;
  6. Preparing a light meal for the children;
  7. Washing and ironing the children’s clothes;
  8. Making the children’s beds;
  9. Cleaning the children’s bathroom.


  1. Employment period: 12 months;
  2. Place of Employment: US Foster Families;
  3. Probation period: 3 months;
  4. Weekly employment under the program: Minimum 32 hours, but no more than 45 hours per week;
  5. Accommodation and transport: Accommodation is provided and is at the expense of the host family. The participant in the program is provided with a private room and bathroom facilities. Meals are at the expense of the host family. The participant becomes part of the host family for the duration of the program – 12 months. Transportation to the US is provided by the host family.
  6. Airfare to the US and back: The amount of the onward and return airfare is reimbursed by the program. All domestic flights and transfers are at the expense of the host family.
  7. Medical assistance and medical insurance: Program participants receive comprehensive coverage for all risks in the United States with a total liability limit of $100,000.
  8. Holidays and Vacations: 20 days of paid vacation for the duration of the program. The J1 AuPair in USA cultural exchange program provides a 30-day grace period to travel and explore the culture, historical heritage and natural attractions of the USA;
  9. Remuneration: For the duration of the J1 AuPair in USA Cultural Exchange Program, participants receive at least 10,000 (ten thousand) dollars. The amount is paid on a weekly basis. An agreement with the host family for additional payment is possible and permissible. This is allowed by the program.


Be unmarried, be 18 years of age by the date of the US Embassy visa interview, and be 27 years of age in the year of participation in the program. Both men and women can apply.

  1. To speak conversational English;
  2. Have at least 1,200 hours of childcare experience (proven by recommendation);
  3. Possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  4. Be in good health and willing to commit to a 12-month program;
  5. Have a clean criminal record;
  6. Have a driver’s license.


  1. Obtaining a J-1 visa and preparing the documents for it;
  2. Preparation of an application form for the J-1 Au Pair in The USA program;
  3. Arranging an interview with a licensed US sponsor of the J-1 Au Pair in The USA program;
  4. Organization of online training for the J-1 Au Pair in The USA program. The training takes place immediately before departure for the USA;
  5. Organization of your trip to the USA and back.
  6. A face-to-face interview will be held with the approved candidates at the office of the Bulgarian partner – Agency Without Borders EOOD – under the J1 AuPair in USA Cultural Exchange Program in Sofia.



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